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Meet Dr. Yadegar

“With them the Seed of Wisdom did I sow; And with my one hand labour’d it to grow; And this was all the Harvest that I reap’d – I come like Water; and like Wind I go.”

Bio Of Dr. Joseph Yadegar, M.D. FRCS, FACS

The preceding passage, written by Persian poet, Omar Khayam, reflects the philosophy of life held by Joseph Yadegar, M.D.  A general surgeon, with strong practice values, Dr. Yadegar is also a man who believes in destiny. As the sixth of seven children born to a traditional Jewish family, Dr. Yadegar has compassion in everything he does — including his practice of medicine.

“I need to spend time with my patients,” says Dr. Yadegar. “I believe it is important to develop a trusting rapport with all my patients. Rarely do I have patients who come in here and then go somewhere else.”

Trust is something Dr, Yadegar knows a lot about. At age 13, he left his native homeland to attend boarding school in England. His parents, who valued a good education, felt England was the “hotbed for education” at that time and suggested the option.  Joseph, just a wide-eyed adolescent teen, gladly accepted the challenge.

“When I first went over, I didn’t speak a word of English,” he recalls.  Regardless, his mind was made up concerning a professional pursuit–medicine.

With an older cousin already tackling the medical world, Dr. Yadegar set his own course in motion.  Some 16 years later, following intense schooling at the University of London, King’s College, and Westminster Medical School, Dr. Yadegar had not only mastered the English language, but earned a medical degree as well.

“My interest in general surgery was piqued because of the combination of challenges, excitement and decisions that had to be made every day,” he says.

Although England was considered his second country, the doctor — still a citizen of Iran — had a two-year military obligation to fulfill to his native land upon returning. Because of his advanced skills in surgery, however, his country substituted active duty with the doctor’s development of a most-needed surgical intensive care unit, the first of its kind, at the University of Tehran’s County Hospital.

Soon afterward, he met and fell in love with his wife, Mitra. Together, they decided that a move to the United States was definitely in order. Political unrest in Iran, coupled with the advanced surgical techniques being practiced in America, and the fact that many of his siblings were already here, helped expedite their decision. Today, Dr. Yadegar, now a U.S. citizen, is a Diplomate of the American Board of Surgery, as well as a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and Fellow of the American Society of Cosmetic Surgery.

Since 1977, he has practiced his superior surgical techniques in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.  Fascinated by the anatomy, he performs a vast array of operations, including facial thread lift, breast surgery (augmentation, up lift, reduction), abdominoplasty and post-bariatric surgery (full body lift).

In addition to his private practice, in which he sees numerous patients every week, Dr. Yadegar has served as a clinical lecturer in surgery at both UCLA and Wadsworth V.A. Medical Center, and served as Clinical Chief of Surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

A family man with two sons, Dr. Yadegar knows the importance of budgeting his time. Every week, he performs surgery on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with patient consultations taking place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This schedule allows him to spend time with his family as well as his patients — an integral part of his life.

In what spare time he has, he enjoys skiing, jogging, swimming, ping-pong and photography.

When asked what he can offer patients that other physicians can’t, Dr. Yadegar wastes little time in answering.

“There are few physicians with as diverse an educational background as I possess, and even fewer who can provide as much compassion as I,” he says “When you guide and support a patient in their decision to have elective cosmetic surgery or in some cases life altering reconstructive surgery, it is quite a rewarding and gratifying experience.”

Upon first entering his Beverly Hills medical office, a visitor can’t help but notice a four-by-six foot panoramic photograph he snapped years ago during a visit to his native land.  The picture provides a scenic view of mountains, land and sky. But beyond its beauty, the photograph holds real sentimental value for Dr. Yadegar. The picture was taken while standing at the foot of his father’s grave.

Says the faithful son, “It’s important to know where you came from – and where you’re going.”