Body Contouring - Hyperhidrosis


Excessive sweating that usually involves the hands, armpits, feet, face and head, and one area or a combination of areas can be involved. The condition may have a genetic basis or occur without prior history, by itself the condition is not medically significant, but it has social significance.

People who suffer from it, are usually reluctant to shake hands, because their hands are wet and unpleasant for their partners.  It may also affect their handling of instruments, such as pens, machinery or musical.

Sweating that affects the hands is called palmar hyperhidrosis, and is the one most embarrassing socially.  Axillary (armpits), and plantar (feet) are less disabling.

Treatment consists of using antiperspirants frequently. There are prescription strengths that are more potent.

The second line of treatment is Botox, that paralyses the sweating mechanism. It is effective for a few months at a time, and can be repeated.
The definitive treatment is surgical, an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia, by cutting the nerve that is responsible for sweating.  This also has its side effects, and should be used with great caution.

After a consultation, we review your symptoms, their severity and disability and provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan, so you can decide the treatment that is right for you.