How Do I Know Which Procedure May Be Right For Me?

Only your surgeon can tell you which procedures may be right for you, based on his examination during your consultation.  However, we can help narrow it down by asking you a few questions.

Are you bothered by loose skin on your arms?
An ARM LIFT or brachioplasty may be the answer for you!

Is your tummy skin loose no matter how much you exercise?
A TUMMY TUCK or abdominoplasty may be the answer for you!

Do you suffer from crows feet / wrinkles around your eyes?
There are many types of FACIAL REJUVENATION available at Body Cosmetics.

Have you experienced major weight loss?
There are many options available to you!  Depending on the amount of loose skin you are experiencing, you might consider a full BODY LIFT, or perhaps just a TUMMY TUCK is all you need.  You can review some of the other options available.

Do you look tired even when you are well rested?
An EYELID LIFT or blepharoplasty might be the answer for you.  Or you could consider one of the many FACIAL REJUVENATION options available at Body Cosmetics.

Do you wish you could fill your bra or be a bigger cup size?
BREAST AUGMENTATION through implants or a breast lift could help you!

Are you bothered by a bump on your nose, or the shape of your nose?
RHINOPLASTY can change the shape and length of your nose.

Do you wish you had fuller lips?
There are many types of LIP AUGMENTATION available at Body Cosmetics.

Are you bothered by sagging neck skin?
You can greatly improve the appearance of your neck through a NECK LIFT, or through the minimally invasive CONTOUR THREAD LIFT technique.

Do you want to have the most dramatic change in your appearance?
Noticeable changes happen quickly with a combination TUMMY TUCK and LIPOSUCTION, or through a CONTOUR THREAD LIFT combined with BOTOX

Are you bothered by jiggly thighs?
A Thigh Lift addresses loose skin on your thighs.